Top 10 Simple Mehndi Design Books

This list is all about Simple Mehndi Design Books. Mehndi, also known as henna, is a means of decorating the body.

It is applied to hands, feet, arms, etc. Ladies prefer to apply Mehndi for almost all the events to make them look exceptional. It is mainly used in South Asia, but since the 90s, it has also come into vogue in western countries.

Simple Mehndi Design Books

Top 10 Simple Mehndi Design Books

Here is a list of probably the best and simple Mehndi design books with sample Mehndi designs that encourage you to get the ideal Mehendi designs for your upcoming events that you’re planning to attend.

#01: The Timeless Art of Henna Painting, by Loretta Rome:

The Timeless Art of Henna Painting

Loretta Rome follows the causes and implications of conventional structures, shows how to make them on the skin, and uncovers the plans, instruments, and methods expected to paint designs that range from easy to complex. This book offers down to earth data and creative inspiration.

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#02: The Art of Henna Body Painting, by Carine Fabius:

 Mehndi: The Art of Henna Body Painting

This is a highly suggested book from numerous individuals as it guided step by step instructions about the mehndi which is loaded with inspirational photos of conventional and contemporary henna designs. This book tells the best way to make easy and beautiful mehndi designs.

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#03: The Art of Mehandi Designs, by Sumita Batra:

Art of Mehndi: Henna Body Decoration

The Art of Mehendi dives into the historical backdrop of Mehendi in the style universe of the 90s and offers practical guidance on the best way to make and apply henna. The book comes with more than 30 original designs, 125 color photographs, and 150 line drawings, which will guide you to use models that range from easy to moderate and moderate to complex.

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#04: Henna from Head to Toe, by Norma Pasekoff Weinberg:

Henna from Head to Toe

Body decoration utilizing colors made from regular henna has never been increasingly famous, and this Mehendi book offers total guidelines, designs, and structures for henna skin art. The book also covers how to utilize Mehndi to shading hair for typical hair and nail molding, medications, and the sky is the limit from there.

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#05: Nadia’s Hands, by Karen English:

Nadia’s Hands, by Karen English

This essential Mehndi design book elaborates how to prepare mehndi and how significant is the mehndi for weddings and different events. It has multiple basic and prominent designs. This Mehndi Style is about the enormous, constructed flower designs that are regularly featured by ladies.

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#06: The Art of Mehndi, by Jane Glicksman:

The Art of Mehndi

This magnificent Mehandi structures book portrays the ancient art of painting hands, lower legs, and more Mehendi design for all the events. This is a children’s book that incorporates craft of Mehndi, shopping lists for henna provisions, and multiple exciting and unique designs.

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#07: Creative Haven Mehndi Designs Colouring Book, by Marty Noble:

Traditional Henna Body Art

This Arabic Mehndi design book incorporates fascinating birds, butterflies, and flowers in abundance. All these mehndi plans offer colorists a variety of exciting challenges. Thirty-one striking examples depend on authentic Indian, African, and Middle Eastern sources.

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#08: The Art Of Henna: The Ultimate Body Art, by Pamela Nicholas:

The Art Of Henna

The ancient art of Mehndi’s body painting broadly utilized varies from nation to nation and ranges from various societies and religious customs. Besides the frequent use of henna as a trendy, temporary tattoo. The book comes with traditional designs that have been used to celebrate weddings and religious occasions.

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#09: Mehndi Designs: Traditional Henna Body Art (Dover Pictorial Archive), by Marty Noble:

Traditional Body Art Archive

This bridal Mehndi design book has a collection of enchanting pictures, adapted from original Mehndi designs, fuses above 160 exquisite, eminence free designs that are used to cover hands, lower arms, and feet including scarcely discernible difference, silky, and paisley themes. It comes with detailed pictures of colorful flying creatures and human faces.

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#10: Traditional Mehndi Designs, by Dorine Van Den Beukel:

Traditional Mehndi Designs

The book focuses on designs from Arabia, India, and Africa and includes more than 500 traditional patterns in black and white that you can duplicate. The book offers a non-specialized insightful look at the historical backdrop of Mehndi, basic instructions, and techniques for applying mehndi in detail.

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All the listed books have enriched with clear text and photographs. Anyone from around the world can buy any book and achieve mastery in applying Henna designs. Simple Mehndi Design Books will inevitably boost your art skills to another level.

Mehndi Tips:

[*] Wash Properly: Before Applying Mehndi (Henna) on any part of the body, make sure to wash (with soap) and dry it. So, that the color of Mehndi can be Dark and last long.

[*] Keep it Long: Leave the Mehndi (Henna) Paste for as long as possible and make sure to keep it moist using the Lemon Sugar Syrup. Always remember, the Longer the Better.

[*] Do not over spray the Lemon Sugar Syrup on the Mehndi, otherwise it will dilute the Mehndi (Henna) and may affect the design aswell. It is recommended to spray every couple of hours.

[*] Heating Helps: Warming your Mehndi (Henna) Paste still on the Skin can help you to achieve Darker Stain. You can use Heating Pad, Space Heater, Stove or Just by Sitting infront of the FirePlace (be careful not to burn yourself, gentle warm temperature is enough for the Mehndi).

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