50 Heart Mehndi Design

Heart Henna on hand #10

Cute Heart Henna on hand

Small heart Henna on hand #12

Small heart Henna on hand

Heart Henna Design on wrist #13

Admirable Heart Henna Design on wrist

Heart Henna on Palm #14

Alluring Heart Henna on Palm

Heart Henna on Hand #15

Angelic Heart Henna on Hand

Heart Mehndi on hand #16

Appealing Heart Mehndi on hand

Heart Henna on Leg #17

Beauteous Heart Henna on Leg

Heart henna on Leg #18

Bewitching Heart henna on Leg

Heart Henna on Belly #19

Charming Heart Henna on Belly

Heart Henna on Hand #20

Classy Heart Henna on Hand

Mehndi Tips:

[*] Wash Properly: Before Applying Mehndi (Henna) on any part of the body, make sure to wash (with soap) and dry it. So, that the color of Mehndi can be Dark and last long.

[*] Keep it Long: Leave the Mehndi (Henna) Paste for as long as possible and make sure to keep it moist using the Lemon Sugar Syrup. Always remember, the Longer the Better.

[*] Do not over spray the Lemon Sugar Syrup on the Mehndi, otherwise it will dilute the Mehndi (Henna) and may affect the design aswell. It is recommended to spray every couple of hours.

[*] Heating Helps: Warming your Mehndi (Henna) Paste still on the Skin can help you to achieve Darker Stain. You can use Heating Pad, Space Heater, Stove or Just by Sitting infront of the FirePlace (be careful not to burn yourself, gentle warm temperature is enough for the Mehndi).

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